Practice The Preterite / Past Definite Tense

The preterite, or past definite, is a past tense employed to recount actions or events that have been fully completed and took place at a particular moment in the past. It is frequently utilized to tell a series of events, highlight the commencement or conclusion of an action, or signify a shift in state.

Have fun practicing the past definite now. Speaking Spanish is easy!

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Yo comí una hamburguesa sin queso.

I had a hamburger without cheese.

Yo comí en 15 minutos.

I ate in 15 minutes.

Yo comí sin hambre.

I ate without hunger.

Tú comiste solo.

You ate alone.

Tú comiste sin tener apetito.

You ate without appetite.

Tú comiste con tu novia en el mejor restaurante de Madrid.

You ate with your girlfriend in the best restaurant in Madrid.

Vos comiste marisco cuando estabas en Galicia.

You ate seafood when you were in Galicia.

Vos comiste muy tarde aquel día.

You ate very late that day.

Vos comiste a escondidas aquellos pasteles.

You ate those cakes on the sly.

Usted comió como un rey.

You ate like a king.

Usted comió ensalada y salmón.

You had salad and salmon.

Usted comió con su mejor amigo para contarle lo que había pasado.

You had lunch with your best friend to tell him what had happened.

Él comió todos los días lo mismo.

He ate the same thing every day.

Él comió en el avión.

He ate on the plane.

Él comió después de hacer deporte.

He ate after sport.

Nosotros comimos para calmar el hambre.

We ate to satisfy our hunger.

Nosotros comimos antes de salir a caminar por la ciudad.

We had lunch before going for a walk in the city.

Nosotros comimos hace una hora.

We ate an hour ago.

Vosotros comisteis en el restaurante que os recomendaron.

You ate at the restaurant that was recommended to you.

Vosotros comisteis sin saber que os estaban observando.

You ate without knowing that you were being watched.

Vosotros comisteis cacahuetes sin saber que os daban alergia.

You ate peanuts without knowing that you were allergic to them.

Ustedes comieron demasiado.

You ate too much.

Ustedes comieron temprano.

You ate early.

Ustedes comieron para reponer energía.

You ate to replenish your energy.

Ellos comieron para recuperar fuerzas.

They ate to regain their strength.

Ellos comieron juntos para celebrar su victoria.

They ate together to celebrate their victory.

Ellos comieron solo un sándwich de jamón y queso.

They ate only a ham and cheese sandwich.

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