About Us

Hello! We are Rob and Rosana, a dynamic British-Spanish duo dedicated to making your Spanish learning experience enjoyable and, above all, fruitful!

Our story began with a chance encounter on a language exchange application called Tandem, a place where we initially connected to enhance our fluency in our respective target languages, Spanish and English.

From the very first conversation, we discovered our shared interests in languages, business, and marketing, and a strong connection was forged. As we discussed our experiences in language learning, we voiced our frustrations with the existing websites and apps. We both firmly believed that the most engaging and efficient way to master verb conjugations was to practice them in context!

So, bid farewell to tedious grammar rules and shift your focus to using verbs repeatedly within sentences, dialogues, and audio conversations! In time, through ample stress-free practice and without the need to memorize grammar rules, you will find yourself seamlessly incorporating verbs into your everyday exchanges.

Speaking Spanish is easier than you think, and our methodology works; we can vouch for that!

Our Team

This is the team behind 'comerconjugation.com'. We're a small team of two, but we're working hard to make learning Spanish accessible to everyon

  • Rob Goodliffe

    Full Stack Developer & Founder

    Rob is a full stack developer and owner of various businesses. He has been learning Spanish for over 10 years and has lived in Spain for almost as long. He is passionate about technology and how it can be used to help people learn Spanish effectively.

  • Rosana Muñoz

    Marketing and Business Communication & Founder

    Rosana is a marketing, SEO and business communication expert and founder of multiple businesses. When not tending to her work, she enjoys spending time outdoors and riding too quickly on her motorbike!

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