Practice The Present Simple Tense

The present simple tense serves various purposes beyond the typical expectation associated with the term "present." It is commonly employed to depict ongoing actions in the current moment, convey general truths and facts. Additionally, it finds application in portraying habitual and timeless actions, issuing commands imperatively, and discussing events about to unfold in the immediate future.

Here are a few instances of sentences in the present simple form of the Spanish verb "comer." Feel free to listen to them and practice repeating at your preferred pace.

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Yo como con mis amigos algunos sábados.

I eat with my friends on some Saturdays.

Yo como en el trabajo de lunes a viernes.

I eat at work from Monday to Friday.

Yo como carne tres veces por semana.

I eat meat three times a week.

Tú comes con tus primos algunos domingos.

You eat with your cousins some Sundays.

Tú comes en casa de los abuelos mañana.

You eat at Grandma and Grandpa's tomorrow.

Tú comes demasiada comida basura.

You eat too much junk food.

Vos comés la carne muy hecha.

You eat overcooked meat.

Vos comés demasiado.

You eat too much.

Vos comés muy poco.

You eat very little.

Usted come muchos pasteles.

You eat a lot of cakes.

Usted come en el mejor restaurante de la ciudad.

You eat in the best restaurant in town.

Usted come muy rápido.

You eat very fast.

Él come muy despacio.

He eats very slowly.

Él come pescado 3 veces a la semana.

He eats fish 3 times a week.

Él come con sus padres todos los domingos.

He eats with his parents every Sunday.

Nosotros comemos siempre juntos

We always eat together.

Nosotros comemos en casa de mi tía.

We eat at my aunt's house.

Nosotros comemos palomitas siempre que vamos al cine.

We eat popcorn whenever we go to the cinema.

Vosotros coméis alimentos sin azúcar.

You eat sugar-free foods.

Vosotros coméis solamente 2 veces al día.

You eat only 2 meals a day.

Vosotros coméis paella todos los domingos.

You eat paella every Sunday.

Ustedes comen cada día menos.

You eat less and less every day.

Ustedes comen en el barco.

You eat on the boat.

Ustedes comen en el mejor restaurante japonés.

You eat at the best Japanese restaurant.

Ellos comen sin pan.

They eat without bread.

Ellos comen verdura para cenar.

They eat vegetables for dinner.

Ellos comen mucha proteína.

They eat a lot of protein.

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