Practice The Present Perfect Indicative Tense

The perfect indicative in Spanish, akin to its English equivalent but with notable differences, is a composite tense utilized for denoting past actions or events that maintain their validity in the present. It also signifies situations where the effects persist or have ongoing relevance. Unlike English, this tense can be applied to narrate very recent events that have concluded, and in certain contexts and regions of the Spanish-speaking world, it may be used interchangeably with the preterite tense.

It's time to practice!

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Yo he comido ensalada de legumbres.

I have eaten a legume salad.

Yo he comido con mi mejor amigo.

I had lunch with my best friend.

Yo he comido un bocadillo de sardinas.

I have eaten a sardine sandwich.

Tú has comido demasiado.

You have eaten too much.

Tú has comido mientras yo terminaba el trabajo.

You ate while I finished my work.

Tú has comido un trozo muy grande de tarta.

You have eaten a very big piece of cake.

Vos has comido toda la carne que sobró ayer.

You have eaten all the meat left over from yesterday.

Vos has comido una sandía entera.

You have eaten a whole watermelon.

Vos has comido como un pajarito.

You have eaten like a bird.

Usted ha comido en el mejor restaurante de la ciudad.

You have eaten at the best restaurant in town.

Usted ha comido con champagne todos los días.

You have eaten with champagne every day.

Usted ha comido con deportistas de élite.

You have eaten with top sportsmen and women.

Él ha comido lenguado al horno.

He has eaten baked sole.

Él ha comido una pizza entera.

He has eaten a whole pizza.

Él ha comido muy poca cantidad.

He has eaten very little.

Nosotros hemos comido lubina a la espalda.

We had sea bass on the back.

Nosotros hemos comido paella en casa de mi madre.

We have eaten paella at my mother's house.

Nosotros hemos comido mientras los niños dormían.

We have eaten while the children were sleeping.

Vosotros habéis comido demasiados dulces.

You have eaten too many sweets.

Vosotros habéis comido ya, de modo que no podéis tener hambre otra vez.

You have already eaten, so you cannot be hungry again.

Vosotros habéis comido algo que os ha sentado mal.

You have eaten something that has upset you.

Ustedes han comido huevos todos los días.

You have eaten eggs every day.

Ustedes han comido tres platos deliciosos.

You have eaten three delicious dishes.

Ustedes han comido 4 veces hoy.

You have eaten 4 times today.

Ellos han comido con sus amigos

They have eaten with their friends.

Ellos han comido en casa de la abuela.

They have eaten at grandma's house.

Ellos han comido espaguetis a la carbonara.

They have eaten spaghetti carbonara.

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