Practice The Negative Imperative Tense

The negative imperative, as its name implies, involves issuing a command or instruction in a negative manner. For instance, consider the phrase "Don't eat processed pastries!" translated as "¡No comas bollería industrial!"

Listen and repeat again and again.

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¡No comas eso!

Don't eat that!

¡No comas pasteles si no quieres engordar!

Don't eat cakes if you don't want to get fat!

¡No coma tanto por favor!

Please don't eat so much!

¡No comamos todavía, esperemos a que nos digan que estamos todos!

Let's not eat yet, let's wait until they tell us that we are all here!

¡No comáis todavía, la sopa está ardiendo!

Don't eat yet, the soup is burning!

¡No comáis aún, falta por llegar Roberto!

Don't eat yet, Roberto is not here yet!

¡No comáis aún, nos vamos a dar el último baño en el mar!

Don't eat yet, we're going for a last swim in the sea!

No coman sin saber si contiene gluten lo que les han traído.

Do not eat what is brought to you without knowing whether it contains gluten.

¡No comas más!

Don't eat any more!

¡No comas tantos dulces!

Don't eat so many sweets!

¡No comas por aburrimiento!

Don't eat out of boredom!

¡No comas de pie!

Don't eat standing up!

¡No coma, está ardiendo!

Don't eat, it's burning!

¡No coma, tiene gluten!

Don't eat, it has gluten!

¡No comamos aún, falta gente por llegar!

Let's not eat yet, there are still people to come!

¡No comamos de pie, vamos a sentarnos en aquella mesa!

Let's not eat standing up, let's sit at that table!

¡No coman grasa y verán que su salud mejora!

Don't eat fat and you will see your health improve!

¡No coman tanto pan!

Don't eat so much bread!

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