Practice The Imperfect Indicative Tense

The imperfect indicative is a past tense utilized for portraying actions, situations, or habits that were in progress, repeated, or unfinished in the past. It denotes a non-specific, continuous past, where the precise timing of an action cannot be specified. Additionally, it serves to articulate past descriptions, convey information about time, age, and express mental or emotional states.

We encourage you to practice these Spanish phrases. Practice will get you closer to learning!

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Yo comía muy poco cuando era pequeña.

I ate very little when I was little.

Yo comía mucha fruta en verano.

I used to eat a lot of fruit in the summer.

Yo comía con mi familia en ese restaurante.

I used to eat with my family in that restaurant.

Tú comías chocolate cuando estabas triste.

You ate chocolate when you were sad.

Tú comías cinco veces al día.

You ate five times a day.

Tú comías con las manos cuando eras pequeño.

You ate with your hands when you were little.

Vos comías pescado tres veces por semana.

You ate fish three times a week.

Vos comías muy despacio.

You ate very slowly.

Vos comías por aburrimiento.

You ate out of boredom.

Usted comía demasiada carne.

You ate too much meat.

Usted comía con vino tinto cada día.

You ate with red wine every day.

Usted comía fruta para desayunar.

You ate fruit for breakfast.

Él comía cuando todos dormían.

He ate when everyone was asleep.

Él comía verdura y pescado para adelgazar.

He ate vegetables and fish to lose weight.

Él comía muchos helados cuando era joven.

He ate a lot of ice cream when he was young.

Nosotros comíamos juntos para celebrar la Navidad.

We used to eat together to celebrate Christmas.

Nosotros comíamos en el jardín todos los veranos.

We used to eat in the garden every summer.

Nosotros comíamos lo mismo cada noche.

We ate the same thing every night.

Vosotros comíais todos los viernes en un restaurante italiano.

Every Friday, you ate in an Italian restaurant.

Vosotros comíais bocadillos de jamón con tomate durante el viaje.

You were eating ham and tomato sandwiches during the trip.

Vosotros comíais menos cantidad antes que ahora.

You used to eat less than you do now.

Ustedes comían para alimentarse, no por placer.

You ate for food, not for pleasure.

Ustedes comían rápido porque era muy tarde.

You ate quickly because it was very late.

Ustedes comían al lado del río, para estar más frescos.

You ate by the river, to be cooler.

Ellos comían palomitas cuando iban al cine.

They ate popcorn when they went to the cinema.

Ellos comían mejillones y bebían cerveza.

They ate mussels and drank beer.

Ellos comían tortilla de patata con cebolla.

They ate potato and onion omelette.

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