Practice The Imperative Tense

Referred to more as a mood than a tense, the imperative serves the purpose of issuing commands, providing advice, or making direct requests to one or more individuals. For instance, consider the phrase "Please eat fish" translated to Spanish as "¡Come pescado por favor!"

Mastering this conjugation is quite straightforward. Give it a try and experience how easy it is!

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¡Come algo por favor!

Please eat something!

¡Come deprisa o llegaremos tarde!

Eat quickly or we'll be late!

¡Coma despacio por favor!

Please eat slowly!

¡Coma lo que yo le diga!

Eat what I tell you to eat!

¡Comamos ya por favor, me muero de hambre!

Let's eat now please, I'm starving!

¡Comed un poco!

Eat up!

¡Comed por favor, no me esperéis!

Please eat, don't wait for me!

¡Comed, pero sin hacer ruido!

Eat, but eat quietly!

¡Coman aunque no tengan hambre! Luego no sabemos si podremos hacerlo.

They eat even if they are not hungry! Then we don't know if we can do it.

Coman, pero mastiquen bien para no atragantarse.

Eat, but chew well so you don't choke.

Comé en casa de tu padre.

Eat at your father's house

Comé! antes de que se haga tarde.

Eat! before it gets late.

Comé para estar fuerte!

Eat to be strong!

Coma y calle.

Eat and be quiet.

Come y cierra la boca al masticar.

Eat and close your mouth when chewing.

¡Comamos juntos!

Let's eat together!

¡Comamos allí todos!

Let's all eat there!

Coman conmigo por favor.

Please eat with me.

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