Comer in the Future Indicative Tense

Name in Spanish: Futuro Imperfecto

The future (indicative) tense, often known as the simple future, is used as a way of describing events in the future that will or shall take place. This tense is perhaps not one of the first tenses you should learn, as it's not often used in everyday converse, with other forms of the future tense, or even present tense, used instead. However, it is the preferred way or making suppositions (a hypothesis or an idea the one believes to be true) and approximations, so it's important to learn. Below, we give some examples of when you might use it.

When to use this tense with comer

Express future actions:

El próximo año comeremos en un restaurante de lujo.

Make predictions or assumptions:

Creo que él comerá más tarde.

Talk about future plans or intentions:

¿Comerás en casa o prefieres salir?

Mañana comeré con mi familia.

Questions about the future:

¿Dónde comerán ustedes mañana?

¿A qué hora comeréis después del trabajo?

Express promises or commitments:

No te preocupes, comeré sin sal a partir de ahora.

Read a dialog with Comer in the Future Indicative Tense

As ever it's important to practice reading in wider context than just reading sentences, although this will go a long way! Below, you'll find a dialog that uses 'comer in the future tense' that will help you intuitively understand when to use this tense. Can you spot where we've used the "ir + a + infinitive" construct to express the future too?

Mini Dialog for the Tense

Compañeras de trabajo hablan en la oficina.

Co-workers talk in the office.

Pilar:   Chicas: Hemos terminado la reunión. Vamos a comer ¿os venís?

Girls: We have finished the meeting. We're going to eat, are you coming?

Valeria:   Yo comeré más tarde, necesito enviar un par de correos.

I'll eat later, I need to send a couple of emails.

Claudia:   Yo comeré fuera de la oficina, así que no me esperéis.

I will be eating outside the office, so don't expect me.

Pilar:   ¿Vos comerás fuera de la oficina? ¿Con quién?

Will you eat outside the office? With whom?

Claudia:   Con mi hermano. Hace mucho tiempo que no nos vemos. Nosotros comeremos en el restaurante asturiano.

With my brother. We haven't seen each other for a long time. We will eat at the Asturian restaurant.

Conjugation chart for comer in the future indicative tense

Here you can find the conjugation chart for comer in the simple future. Remember that this is mainly to be used to see the Spanish conjugations rather than assume that the translations map literally! For instance, we could very well substitute shall for will. Please visit our comer conjugation tables page to see how all the tenses are conjugated.

Yo comeréI will eat
Tú comerásYou will eat
Vos comerás(voseo) You will eat
Usted comerá(formal) You will eat
Él / Ella comeráHe / she will eat
Nosotros / Nosotras comeremosWe will eat
Vosotros / Vosotras comeréisYou (all) will eat
Ustedes comerán(formal) You (all) will eat
Ellos / Ellas comeránThey will eat

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